Who we are


Param Shipping supplies Navigational Charts & Maritime Publications, Marine Lubricants Suppliers, Deck & Engine Cabin Stores, Marine Paints around the Indian Ports . Using our optimized logistical facilities, we can customize your orders to meet your specific needs. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Somewhere out of the ordinary? At Param Shipping, we serve any customer, regardless of request, country or order size.

Ship Chandlers

We have almost years of experience in supplying to national as well as International Merchant vessels. Today, we deliver bonded stores, Engine Spare , Admiralty to merchant vessels , Repairing jobs, Annual Servicing of Life rafts and fire Fighting Appliances and A Provisions items to ship globally. We are proud to serve this audience, and to provide tailor-made orders without costing clients extra time or money.

Buying and selling is our engine, but it is our service that truly fuels our business concept. Our excellent added value and services, both during and following business activities, positions us as a unique business partner. It is this that strengthens the bond with our clients, creating a long-term relationship built on expertise and involvement.

An extensive assortment from a single source: that our strength! We deliver the best and on time. We offer services to any destination within a short timeframe. We are flexible, knowledgeable and driven by a passion for quality, diversity and, most importantly, for meeting our clients needs.

In addition to befitting from our one-source supply strategy, our clients can also enjoy the advantages of a door-to-door solution. Param Shipping has all of this expertise in-house, saving our clients both time and effort. Organisation, transportation and customs handling are all taken care of. In fact, we can customise our service as much as our clients require or wish. After all, that the essence of service to provide just what needed, on time, every time. Because the most valuable item we can bring you is peace of mind.

For any kind of requirement Feel Free to contact us any time 24/7 , 24hrs in service of our good customers because if our customer is satisfied with our services then it is much bigger than money.